Boscawen, New Hampshire Homes & Real Estate

Boscawen, New Hampshire is a small town in Merrimack County that is home to almost 4,000 residents. The location almost split evenly by gender and the average age involves folks in the late 30s and early 40s. As a result, the location is often appealing to those with mid-stage families and residents reaching the high point of their careers. The average income for the location tends to be about $60,000 and the area’s median home price rings in around $190,000 for homes for sale, which is still markedly below the median home price for the state at $238,000.

Sitting a mid-point between Andover and Concord, NH, Boscawen is generally seen as its own small town but also as a bedroom community for those commuting to the bigger urban areas for work, particularly Manchester to the south. However, Boscawen real estate offers more than just a place to live and sleep. Boscawen can provide its residents a chance to live in a location deep in history. Some of the town’s structures date back to the early start of the country, for example.

Boscawen is also an attractive location for homes for sale based on social data as well. Compared to the rest of the state, the crime level in town is significantly less than other parts of the region, with 1.5 percent of the population affected on average ( In terms of schools, the town's children have a choice of two schools to go to, either Canterbury Elementary School located in Canterbury to the east and which is rated very high and goes to the 5th grade or Webster Elementary School which is also rated high and located a short drive to the west. Both factors make Boscawen real estate interesting for buyers with families.

Like most areas with real estate and homes, Boscawen has had its share of short sales and foreclosures. In fact, the town council and departments are operating a homeowner's assistance program to help stop or fend of new foreclosures. That said, a lot of the properties available now are in very good price ranges, and mortgage rates from most banks are still very low historically.

So if looking for a new home location in the New Hampshire area, considering Boscawen might be a very good idea, especially if one needs to commute to Concord, NH or even Boston, MA. The distances are not very far, and Boscawen as a lot to offer families and homebuyers looking for a quiet place to live.

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